A two Minutes recipe for Fitness.

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A two Minutes recipe for Fitness.

There is nothing new about this recipe but the ingredients are a mix-match. I do not use salt and sugar in my food. There are people who believe that we should eat a lot to stay healthy, but this is like over oiling an engine. Eating natural raw food or lightly cooked food can prevent many diseases. Eating lesser also gives a lot of energy to the body.
The diet I consume daily, is a little similar to what a five years old eats every day. My working hours are long and still I feel healthy and fit.
My diet is devoid of table Salt and chemical Sugar. I replace salt with Lemon (You can use rock salt as well) for taste and Sugar is replaced with Gur or Natural sugar.

The Recipe:


·         Oats.
·         Water.
·         Rye seeds or Cumin seeds.
·         White Sesame seeds.
·         Lemon or Rock Salt.
·         Gur or Natural Sugar if you like sweet and sour.

·         Fresh parsley for Garnish.
Mix the oats in water beforehand. There will be lumps if you mix it in hot water.
Now use purified butter or olive oil (less than half a spoon) in a pan and put it to medium heat. Mix sesame seeds and rye seeds in it when the oil is hot. Do not let them burn or they will be bitter in taste. They should be cooked on low to medium heat for half a minute.
Add the mixture of water and oats and turn the stove or ceramic plate to high heat. Let it simmer for few minutes. Add lemon or natural sugar to taste. Just use a ladle to check whether there is a mushy consistency in the mixture.
Pour the mixture in a plate and garnish it with fresh Parsley.
This is the diet I consume daily.

I sometime replace it with other Pure vegan recipes which I will share soon.

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