Ether Element: Treatments in Naturopathy

Treatments in naturopathy

Nautropathy believes in treatment of the body by enhancing the resistance and increasing the vital force of the body. It is not curative in true sense but can be called a method of balancing the vital forces and bringing them back to their natural state.
According to naturopathy our body is composed with ratios of five elements. The restoration of an element requires a treatment with the material that are composed of same element.
These are called “Panchamahabhootas” or “Panchatatwas.”
These elements are also mentioned in Ayurveda and Yogic sutras. Maharishi Charak has defined these Mahabhootas in his sutras as well. In fact, they are basic building blocks in all kind of ancient Indian sciences. According to all these sciences, the restoration of these elements can lead to a fine stage where a person is not affected by diseases anymore. Naturopathy also tries for the same but in a very different manner. It uses elemental substances to restore this balance. For example, mud is used for restoration of earth element, sunlight is used to restore fire element and so on.
Ether also known as “Akash” is the base of all elements. The quality of this element is Sound. Their order of creation is Ether>Air>Fire>Water>Earth.
The ether is the subtlest of all the elements and earth is the grossest of all. According to Vedantic Philosophy the elements also carry their subtle levels and our world is gross level of the same subtle energy. Though we cannot see the subtle world but this is the world that gives energy to their grosser counterpart. Our subtle body is made of Ether, Air and Fire and our grosser body is made of water and earth. The gross body is devoid of any vital force. So ether being the subtlest we need to take care of this element.
This element is treated in Naturopathy through meditation, chanting and developing a strong belief system that there is a super power that controls the chaos in this world.
Ether can be increased based on following activities observed in regular fashion:

1. Regular mediation at a fixed hour.
2. Observing Simple diet.
3. Chanting God’s Name during meditation.
4. Observing regular fasts on weekly basis.
5. Observing Celibacy.
6. Prayers should be done at a quiet place and the person should sit on a woolen asan or seat.
7. Prayers can be done for supreme soul asking for better thoughts and purity in relations and thinking process.
8. One should observe Maun at monthly basis. “Maun” means observing silence for a day.
9. Sleeping under the open sky (Even on a roof) helps in restoration of this element.
10. Taking Deep sleep through Massage, Hair massage, washing hands and feet before going to bed.
11. Chant the manta "Ham" to increase and balance this element.

-Alok Jagawat

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