Often the simplest and most natural things in the world carry extreme health benefits for individuals. This is the case with Green tea as well. There are many benefits of Green tea including lower mortality risk, lowering blood concentration of total Cholesterol and reduced risk of stroke. The magic health-promoting constituents in green tea are flavonoids, which occur in the form of catechins and their byproducts. The most abundant catechin in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which plays a vital role in green tea’s anticancer and antioxidant effects.
There are many benefits of drinking green tea and we will list them here. We will also talk about
best green tea and best green tea brand. You will also read about our green tea recipe related to broccoli green tea extract and spirulina + Honey combination.

According to Wikipedia:
Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation applied when processing Camellia sinensis into oolong teaand black tea.[1] Green tea originated in China, but its production has spread to many countries in Asia.

There is no hard and fast rule to choose green tea but there are several points which can be kept in consideration during purchase.
1.      Buy organically grown tea rather than ordinarily grown tea.
2.      Buy loose packs rather than tea bags. The tea bag’s green tea is chopped and will not stay fresh for too long.
3.      If you buy tea bags, then best green tea bags can be tested. First check the labels on the box itself. It will give you a fair idea of time it was packaged. Take out the tea bags and watch them closely. Old tea bags show different color and strong odor of tea if brought close to the nose. Newer batches have no odor. If you are experienced in tea making, then best green tea has different color then ordinary tea. I have seen varieties of colors including pale green, darker red green, yellow green and almost golden green. The last one is my personal favorite.
4.      It is better to buy loose tea as higher quality tea is generally kept for loose sales.
5.      The flavors of different teas are different and so the choice of best tea can also change based on flavors.
6.      It is better to choose a flavorless tea so that additional herbs can be used whenever required. The flavors in tea are factory developed and they can overpower the natural fragrance of tea. The aromatic herbs can be grown at home and can be used fresh. I often prefer fresh mint and fresh basil of different varieties. The fresher the better.
7.      The fresher and more naturally grown tea is far better than its factory produced counterpart.

When we talk about brands then we are not talking about loose tea. You have to keep this thing in mind that brands produce tea in factory environments and the tea is not as fresh as it will consume additional time for packaging and distribution. Bulk and loose tea moves fast and reaches the counters in a speedy manner.
Still there are choices for brands and some tea brands are better than other brands.
1.      The du Hammam: This is a Chinese tea mixed with Turkish flavors of rose petals, berries, dates and orange blossoms. It is available at variety of stores around the world.
2.      Shangri La: Shangri La sells tropical Orange green tea which is a high quality tea. This tea is very authentic in its taste.
3.      Mariage Freres: It is a French Company which is selling premium tea of unmatched quality and most of it is fresh and untouched. Most of their products are unadulterated. It is a very old company having an upper hand in this area.
4.      Organic India: They sell variety of Green teas including Tulsi, Cinnamon, Rose etc. Most the products are of good quality.
5.       Numi: They package their tea as tight pellets. The tea leaves strong aroma when brewed in hot water. It is a high level product as well.

·         GREEN TEA IS BENEFICIAL IN CANCER AND PREVENTIVE CARE: There is no evidence that Cancer can be treated with the help of green tea. However, studies in groups of Asian man and woman suggested that green tea consumption may have a favorable effect on lung cancer risk. On the other hand, green tea interferes with some Chemotherapy drugs and should be avoided by people taking such medication.

·         CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (HEART DISEASE): Daily consumption of green tea has been associated with a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. In a 2015 meta-analysis of observational studies, an increase in one cup of green tea per day was associated with a 5% lower risk of death from cardiovascular causes.

·         UV PROTECTION FOR A YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: A study conducted by British Journal of Nutrition suggests that Green tea is composed of elements that can actually protect your skin against harmful UV rays. That means lesser wrinkles and a younger looking skin. (If you can see most of Japanese and Chinese have very good skin and it is maintained even at elderly ages.)
·         PROTECTION FROM ALZHEIMERS DISEASE: University of Michigan and research by Chinese scientist Mi Hee Lim have found that the essentials within green tea appears to protect the brain from the growth of amyloid plaques. Amyloid plaques are believed to be associated with brain weakening and therefore green tea can be seen as preventive measure towards dementia.

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