About Naturopathy, What is Naturopathy ?

The word Naturopathy is made up of two words Nautro+Pathy. Naturo is derived from word natural and Pathy is derived from Path.  So Naturopathy means path of nature. In fact, it can be described as an art of living in purest way. In a broader perspective it defines how to live in a natural way and be healthy.

It is one of the oldest system and is the mother of all curative sciences. Though the term Naturopathy is coined in west, the true pure form of this science was prevalent in Orient countries like India, Japan and China. It is the purest form of a science which lays stress on living in such a way that we do not even fall ill.
Naturopathy explains that cause of diseases is foreign elements that accumulates because of unnatural methods adopted by modern society. It is not a curative science but an art of living.

The main law of Naturopathy is that Nature itself is the medicine. Our physical body which is composed of five elements is very sophisticated system which can fight with any disease. We fell ill when we feed our bodies with unnatural things and they in turn demolish our natural resistive power. Naturopathy believes in increasing the vital force and resistance of body. This in turn helps in resistance against diseases and our immune system becomes our medicine.

The curative part of this science deals with treatments through substances dealing with natural elements. For example, Water, Sun light, earth, breathing exercises are used to cure the elemental imbalances.
This treatment is done with natural substances and as such there are no side-effects.
Naturopathy as a curative science deals with several levels of treatments. It teaches us how to live, what to eat and then how can we prevent all diseases. It also lays stress on mental and spiritual health.

Naturopathy can help in immunity building and can help in prevention of many diseases. Naturopathy treatment is a complete healing system based on the belief that your body can fight the disease by itself when given the right support:
– It stresses on holistic wellness by boosting your immunity
– It includes dietary advice, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, nutritional supplements, massages and many more therapies
– It can treat many ailments like arthritis, allergies, infertility, depression, skin conditions, menstrual and digestive problems.
-Most importantly it can help build a strong immune system that can prevent the diseases from happening.
The beautiful part of naturopathy is that it can be exercised by all, even at home. It teaches you the simplest forms of methods that can help build your immunity.

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